About Us

About Jeremiah Vincent

and Georgia Garage

Entrepreneur at Heart

I had an entrepreneural mindset even in middle school.  I realized a lot of my friends wanted snacks during the day but didn’t bring them to school.  So I did.  I was making $100/week in middle school by providing a product other students wanted.  (That is before the principal found out.)

Talent for Fixing Garage Doors

I got my start at a big company 22 years ago right here in Atlanta!  I was the top installer and trainer 6 months in, and held that ranking until I left after 3 years.

I began as just a small guy in the market.  Then the real estate market crashed and I supplemented my income with additional jobs like bartending and waiting tables. In 2015 I caught a break and got my first big account by helping a realtor friend out. She had used hedge clippers to lock a garage door, I posted that picture on facebook and got that big account! Georgia Garage has grown by over 30% every year since 2013. ALL by referral marketing from consumers.

Georgia Garage Today

Today we specialize in servicing residential and commerical properties.

We are the installers for multiple retail companies totaling over 140 retail locations. We are also Google Guaranteed and are rated 5 stars on Google, Yelp and Facebook!

Georgia Garage has grown to the 5th largest company in Georgia! We have 8 trucks with experienced techs on the road and expect to have 14 by the end of 2021.

Personal Life

A few years ago I met the love of my life, Dana!  We are huge Falcons fans as you can see.  We do everything together: travel, kayaking, throwing axes.  You name it!

Our Customers Love Us!

We find ingenious ways to save money so we can have the best prices in town.

Plus customer service is very important to us, and it shows through our communication and the quality of our work.

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